Young Han Solo Shortlist Confirms It's Not Easy To Find New Han Solo

January 11, 2016


Sadly, despite the futile efforts of so many earrings, there's just no making Harrison Ford any younger. So, with plans for a Han Solo prequel movie underway, Disney has been forced to find a worthy successor to play the youthful version of the debatably scruffy-looking pilot, and according to Variety, the studio is now down to about a dozen potential stars.

Among them:

Divergent series stars Miles Teller and Ansel Elgort; compact-model Franco brother Dave Franco; Jack Reynor, best known as the guy in Transfomers: Age of Extinction who knows way too much about statutory rape laws; Clint Eastwood's yet-unwizened son, Scott Eastwood (The Longest Ride); Fury and Percy Jackson star Logan Lerman; Brooklyn's Emory Cohen; Blake Jenner, who was on Glee after he won a reality show to get on that; and not a single guy who anyone has ever thought of as sort of a Han Solo type.

Though the film isn't scheduled to begin production until a year from now, it's said that a decision will likely come before the end of the month, as the young Solo is wanted for a cameo in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

Still no word on who may play Han Solo's tall friend in the mascot costume.

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