Goldie Hawn Finally Ready To Do Another Movie Post-'Banger Sisters'

February 8, 2016


Man, when was the last time Goldie Hawn was in a movie? I'll just tell you: it was 2002, when she did The Banger Sisters, a completely forgettable comedy with a poster that's somehow indelibly a part of my brain. Why do I continue to remember this? Am I really that annoyed in knowing that, in the movie, they never even get the tattoo?

Anyway, now it seems Hawn is ready to act again. She's reportedly in talks to make her return to film in Mother/Daughter, a comedy in which she would play the mother to Amy Schumer (the daughter). 50/50's Jonathan Levine is directing from a script by The Heat and Ghostbusters writer Katie Dippold. It's set to arrive on Mother's Day of next year. Take Mom as a symbolic gesture that, like Goldie Hawn, it will be nice to see her after 14 years of unremarked-upon silence.

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