Jason Bourne Back as Jason Bourne in 'Jason Bourne' Super Bowl Spot

February 8, 2016


After The Bourne Legacy failed at providing even the most basic requirement of a "Bourne" film--namely, anyone at all named Bourne--Universal has corrected the situation with their franchise follow-up. Jason Bourne is in the new one! And to make sure everyone fully understands that, last night, during the Super Bowl, the studio exhaustively reiterated that fact with the first teaser for that film. Its first line is "My God, that's Jason Bourne!" The second line asks, "Why did he come back now?" Then, Matt Damon says, "I know who I am," and who he is is Jason Bourne. Also, the movie's title is Jason Bourne. That character is definitely in this:

Wait, so is Jason Bourne in Fight Club now? I guess that's as convenient a way as any to explain away Jeremy Renner as an imagined dissociative personality.

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