Michael B. Jordan Will Be Your New Thomas Crown

February 24, 2016


With increasing demand for a person of color to portray James Bond, MGM is wishful that maybe someone will also care whether or not they give us the first black Thomas Crown. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the studio is hoping you or someone else will give a shit one way or the other that they've attached Creed star Michael B. Jordan to their third version of the heist thriller The Thomas Crown Affair. The original 1986 film cast Steve McQueen in the title role, while the 1999 remake saw Pierce Brosnan take over the part. Notably, Brosnan was also a latter-day Bond, so, hey, this is sort of akin to a black 007, right? Someone, somewhere, could perhaps feel passionately about this, yeah? Tellingly, there's not yet a writer or director involved in this project that MGM envisions will be called "daring" in a think-piece or two.

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