See Our Timeliest Purging with 'The Purge: Election Year' Trailer

February 10, 2016


Somehow not as a metaphor for the franchise itself, the latest The Purge film finally brings up the question, "Wait, why do we keep doing this?"

For two films now, the series has just quickly and with scarcely a satirical wink explained away its central conceit--that the U.S. government has implemented a 24-hour period of lawlessness each year--by saying that the practice somehow functions as a magical stress reliever that radically lowers crime the rest of the year. The Purge: Election Year, the newest chapter, still doesn't address the obvious socio-economic and psychological reasons that this doesn't make much sense, but it does, at least, poke one hole in the plan. Namely, that a bunch of people getting murdered in a once-a-year genocide is not really an effective solution to anything.

The film sees a Purge victim, senator, and presidential candidate (Lost's Elizabeth Mitchell) running on the position that, you know what, maybe having a lawless day is actually sort of a bad idea. That maybe we should quit now, before an arsonist finally realizes that they could basically just burn down an entire city while the fire departments are shut down. Establishment policy-makers are, obviously, opposed to this radical idea of universal not-killing-whoever-you-want-for-24-hours. What is this, communism? So, they decide to use the election year Purge to try and off this senator. Frank Grillo, returning from The Purge: Anarchy, plays her head of security. Otherwise, the budget was spent entirely on making the masks a little more elaborate this time.

Here's the trailer:

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