Sociopathic Kevin Costner Gets Deadpool in His Brain in Batshit 'Criminal' Trailer

February 11, 2016


Less than a year since having Ben Kingsley's brain plopped into his skull-hole in the miserably-received Self/less, Ryan Reynolds is somehow back to being the corpse in a highly questionable mind-transplant experiment. This time it's for Criminal, a thriller-turned-redemption-drama that veers hilariously close to becoming Karl Pilkington's idiotic movie pitch.

Looking like he just got busted trying to drive his F-150 out of a Buffalo Wild Wings after pounding 15 Bud Lights, Kevin Costner stars as our titular criminal, a true psychopath with no understanding of empathy or consequences. Sort of like the Kevin Costner that insisted on making Waterworld, then The Postman. His disorder has made him a remorseless murderer, but, once captured and on death row, it also makes him the ideal candidate to agree to an absolutely crazy procedure: accepting the deceased Ryan Reynolds' memories into his own brain!

See, ol' Double-R was a CIA agent who had some information the CIA desperately needs, so, in theory, this plan almost makes sense if you're a ethics-free mad scientist archetype from the future. It doesn't work out, though, because some sort of attack sets the stage for a post-op Costner to escape. You figure he's going to use Reynolds' CIA training--which, again, he just had implanted in his brain--to start killing people some more, but you know what he does? He goes to visit Reynolds' wife, Gal Gadot. Turns out, Reynolds' memories have let Costner experience emotion for the first time, leading to a dramatic tonal shift in this stupid trailer that you should just go ahead and watch immediately:

Oh, so Gary Oldman is actually a CIA traitor who's trying to HIDE what Ryan Reynolds knew. That's definitely the plot, right?

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