Steven Soderbergh Already Un-Retires from Film for Channing Tatum

February 4, 2016


Like so many bachelorette parties, Steven Soderbergh has been seduced by them Magic Mike charms. According to Variety, Soderbergh will drop his self-imposed retirement from feature films to direct Channing Tatum in Lucky Logan, a film that will apparently continue the duo's run of alliterative adjective-male name combos.

Worth noting: Soderbergh has already denied the story on Twitter. But also worth noting: the story originally stated that Matt Damon would co-star and that the film would be titled Hillbilly Heist, so this corrected version may be less deniable. Meanwhile, The Hollywood Reporter's sources claim that, regardless of title, the film is indeed a hillbilly heist, focusing on some hicks that pull a job during a NASCAR-style stock car race. Truly, nothing is sacred for some people.

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