Will Arnett Has Made a Huge Mistake in Netflix's 'Flaked' Trailer

February 11, 2016


After a career of often playing a deceitful, selfish, self-destructive asshole, Will Arnett is finally ready to reform in the most cloyingly indie-dramedy fashion possible. Or at least that's what it looks like from this first trailer for Flaked, Arnett's new series set to hit Netflix a month from today.

Arnett plays Chip, a man who made the legitimately huge mistake of getting in an accident while driving drunk. Now, he's getting sober, in a support group, and forced to commute by bike around Venice Beach--all while spouting the indie music-backed, extremely trailer-friendly platitudes of a redemption arc by way of Sundance. "I'm... trying to untangle my past," he dryly mutters. "The only thing I can do is just try to be a better person," he adds, his head staying, symbolically, only just above water.

But, hey, seeing as how even Dumb and Dumber can be turned into an uplifting little awards-ready dramedy with the right editing and music, maybe it's just the trailer. Judge for yourself:


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