'Beetlejuice 2' Has Script and Greenlight To Shoot

March 11, 2016


On and off in-development since 1990, a Beetlejuice sequel is now closer than ever to actually happening, maybe. That's the word from ShowbizSpy, where, if you can will yourself to not go straight to their header labeled "sex tapes," you can find news of Tim Burton confirming that the follow-up is ready to start up on pre-production.

"The film is a go and has been approved by the Warner Bros. team," Burton apparently said. "We have talked with the cast members we wanted for the film and they are all on board, this includes both Winona [Ryder] and Michael [Keaton]. We have the script in hand everything is in place all we need to do now is get ready to start filming."

Or, summarize: modern-day Tim Burton is finally making a 27-year-belated sequel. How promising!

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