Bruce Willis To Shoot More People in 'Death Wish' Reboot

March 4, 2016


Though he's currently prepping for his role in the sixth fucking Die Hard movie, Bruce Willis is looking to what other already thoroughly-exhausted franchise he might further run into the ground. According to Deadline, Willis has got himself attached to star in a remake of Death Wish, the vigilante series that likewise already has six entries to its name. Big Bad Wolves directors Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado are said to be taking over the film from the previously-attached Joe Carnahan, who wrote the initial draft of the script that has since been re-written by Dan Gilroy and Graham Yost. The latest screenplay is said hew closer to the book in telling its story, which concerns an architect who goes vigilante after a violent crime against his wife and daughter. Finally, Bruce Willis will strike out on his own to shoot criminals!

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