Fear of Darkness Gets Explicitly Realized in 'Lights Out' Trailer

March 29, 2016


What do you fear awaits you in the darkness? For a generation that grew up on the Japanese-inspired horror boom of the '00s, that answer is probably "some sort of creepy, damp woman," and such is the case for Teresa Palmer in Lights Out. Palmer stars alongside Maria Bello in the film, which involves a predictably soggy-looking lady-ghost that lives only in the darkness. Electric companies hate her! Evidently, Bello was friends with this femme humide in their childhood, but then the girl was involved in some sort of experiment where she was strapped to a chair and cooked to a fine dust. I don't know if this was their hypothesis or what, but the result was her becoming this drenched darkness spectre. That's science for you.

Here's the trailer:

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