Food Graphically, Vulgarly Learns Its Fate in 'Sausage Party' Red-Band Trailer

March 15, 2016


Essentially Toy Story by way of In the Kitchen with Seth & Friends, Sausage Party sees Seth Rogen and his usual cronies voicing some quietly sentient foodstuff. Like a litter of stray puppies, the foods are thrilled at the prospect of being taken in by humans, but like a litter of stray puppies outside a strip mall Chinese buffet, they don't realize the tragic, masticated fate actually awaiting them inside. It's up to Rogen's sausage to spread the word of the horrific end awaiting outside the supermarket.

While the film looks and sounds like a pretty entertaining children's story, as you'll see in the below trailer, it is definitely not. They've decided to go R-rated with this thing, which means heaps of F-bombs, a bloodless but somehow still graphic food tribute to Saving Private Ryan, and--not shown but pretty much guaranteed--a grotesque sex scene between Rogen's sausage and Kristen Wiig's curvaceous, vagina-mouthed bun. Here is your unsuitable for workplace preview:

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