Han Solo's Jacket Now Up for Auction

March 30, 2016


Would you like to drape Han Solo's jacket over your shoulders, pretend for one chilly evening that you're Harrison Ford's best girl? His... Leia? Or... his Calista Flockhart? Well, this is your shot, because Ford's jacket from Star Wars: The Force Awakens is up for auction.

The item will include a certificate of authenticity from Lucasfilm and, inside the jacket, Ford has personalized it with both his signature and his sweat, as this is a genuine piece he wore during filming. Proceeds will benefit NYU Langone Medical Center's FACES (Finding a Cure for Epilepsy and Seizures), and with 12 days to go, bidding is currently at $33,000.

Those interested can place their bids here. Please, do not bid if you already own Harrison Ford's straw hat from Witness. Save some Harrison apparel for the rest of us.

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