Horse Killed, Another Injured in 'Fast 8' Fake Iceberg Incident

March 15, 2016


Raising the bar for what exactly it means to be 2 fast, 2 furious, production on Fast 8 has injured two horses, forcing one to be put down. According to TMZ, the incident occurred in island, where a scene involved a plastic iceberg that, so help me god, a car had better fucking smash through. Strong winds in the area caused the large prop to go airborne and strike a pen containing a pair of Icelandic horses--which, just so you know, are better than normal horses. These are special, hardy, pony-like, beautiful horses that have remained pure thanks to Iceland's strict laws on equine imports.

While one of the horses is expected to recover, the other, named Jupiter, was euthanized after the accident. It's said the production has contacted the owner, and the Fast 8 insurance will cover the cost of both the fence and the unfortunate horse, whose lifeless body will now be written off as one day of protein for The Rock.

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