Lobo Movie To Misguidedly Attempt To Imitate 'Deadpool'

March 17, 2016


Clearly hoping to get themselves some of that Deadpool money, Warner Bros. has decided they too will make a movie about a comic book villain-turned-antihero with some black crap around his pupil-less eyes. According to The Wrap, the studio has hired Pan and Wonder Woman screenwriter Jason Fuchs to write a script focusing on DC Comics' Lobo. A character who rose to huge popularity in the '90s, Lobo was actually created as an over-the-top, scathing, satirical response to the swelling popularity of violent, "badass" superheroes. That he'll now be brought to life, tone deaf, in the self-serious universe of Warner's Justice League is, in other words, basically perfect. Well done, everyone.

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