Netflix Picks Up Cary Fukunaga's Jonah Hill-Emma Stone Comedy

March 24, 2016


Hey, did you hear about how director Cary Fukunaga is remaking a Norwegian series and is calling it Maniac and has cast Jonah Hill and Emma Stone in it? Well, Netflix heard about that. They have the internet, because they use it to send out all their streaming shows, so they read about this show online. They called Fukunaga and were like, "Hey. Netflick here. You may remember us. We bought that movie about beasts you made. Anyway, we would also like to buy this thing about maniacs we just read about on the internet." And so they did, THR reporting that the streaming service will be the home of the ten-episode, half-hour dark comedy. If you do not yet have Netflix, look it up on the internet.

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