Ricky Gervais, Eric Bana Do Some Fake War Reporting in the 'Special Correspondents' Trailer

March 23, 2016


Not to be outdone by fellow Golden Globes host regular Tina Fey, now Ricky Gervais also has a war reporter movie that will probably be fine enough. A loose remake of the French comedy Envoyés très spéciaux, Special Correspondents sees Gervais writing, directing, and starring--alongside Eric Bana--in a tale of a couple low-integrity radio journalists pulling a scam on their station and listeners. Sent to cover a war in Ecuador, the duo instead set up their broadcast from across the street from their station, faking frontline reports from the comforts of a New York apartment. But when they're reported as missing in action, the correspondents end up having to actually go to Ecuador to avoid getting found out. This is why cheaters never win, and why Brian Williams had to stop hosting NBC Nightly News. Here's the trailer:

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