'The Tick' Reboot Confirmed, Casts Griffin Newman as Arthur

March 11, 2016


Wake up your little wooden boys, because there's good news: The Tick is returning to series. As was rumored back in 2014, the show is being resurrected with another live-action take now set to receive a pilot on Amazon. Deadline reports that Tick comic creator Ben Edlund--who also created the beloved 1994 cartoon adaptation and 2001 live-action version--will return as writer and executive producer. Vinyl's Griffin Newman is already attached to play moth-man sidekick Arthur, and House of Cards's Valorie Curry will play his sister, Dot. Former The Tick star Patrick Warburton, who will be busy on NBC's Crowded until the network cancels that, will executive produce but not return to the lead role. So start working on your jovial lunkhead voice, John Cena.

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