Well, Here's Adam Sandler's Latest Netflix Movie

March 21, 2016


The latest from Netflix's four-picture deal/friends-and-family-resort-package with Adam Sandler has been revealed. It's called The Do-Over, and it arrives Memorial Day--less than six months after the release of Netflix and Sandler's Ridiculous Six. Turns out, production can move pret-ty fast when no one particularly cares about quality.

Sandler and David Spade star as old friends who, after reuniting at their 25-year high school reunion, fake their deaths and take on new, adventurous identities. The result? Sandler gets to make yet another vacation-as-film in which he has a disproportionately attractive love interest and wears shorts the whole shoot. This time, no sleeves, either! And here I thought his movies had stopped evolving.

Here's the trailer:

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