Alfonso Cuarón To Help Warner Bros. Out with That Other 'Jungle Book' Movie

April 21, 2016


In news that Warner Bros. is really hoping we won't see as flailing desperation, the studio has reportedly brought Gravity's Alfonso Cuarón in to see if he can't do something with their Jungle Book: Origins. According to Deadline, Cuarón will "come in and give notes on the project and see if there are ways to take the extra time to improve the picture," which was already shot under first-time director, long-time Gollum Andy Serkis. Notably, this development comes after Warner just delayed the film a full year, pushing it from October 2017 to October 2018. And, of course, also after everyone already got on board with Disney's The Jungle Book. You know, I might be beginning to question the bare necessity of a wildly belated competing Jungle Book movie...

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