Billy Ray Cyrus's CMT Sitcom Looks About as Bad as That Sounds

April 7, 2016


While Miley Cyrus has made an all too successful transition from Hannah Montana to musical provocateur, it seems father Billy Ray Cyrus is keeping his old country boots dug firmly in the dirt of painfully unfunny daddy-daughter sitcoms. The elder Cyrus is now starring in Still the King, the series that marks Country Music Television's first trip down the line dance of scripted comedy. Like in Hannah Montana, Cyrus feigns a self awareness his soul patch and highlights long betrayed, the faded country star playing what else but a faded country star. Here, though, his character fell into problems with addiction and the law, and he's now trying to redeem himself with his teenage daughter, ex-wife (Joey Lauren Adams), and career.

Here's the trailer, which looks about how you'd figure. Except for the part where Bill Ray literally prostitutes himself for a beer. That part is oddly dark.


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