Disney To Tell Story of Snow White's Sister, Rose Red, Who Wasn't Really Snow White's Sister

April 1, 2016


In need of another fairy tale to make a stupid amount of money with from a live-action adaptation, Disney has seemingly turned to the German fable Snow White and Rose Red. Also, instead of reading that story, they're just going to wing it based on the title alone.

See, while the Brothers Grimm tale Snow White and Rose Red involves siblings with those names, it actually has nothing to do with the familiar, Disney-adapted Snow White. Snow White was just, like, the "Madison" of Grimm-era girls' names, apparently. These were entirely different Snow Whites.

But if there can be two Snow Whites, Disney figures it's fathomable they might also both have sisters named Rose Red, so that's now going to be the case. Thusly, the studio has reportedly put into development Rose Red, a live-action film about the Rose Red that they're saying is the other Snow White's sister. The comic series Fables did this take too, so it's not without precedent.

Anyway, the film will do a revisionist re-imagining of the Snow White story, admirably shifting it from the white male savior scenario common to so many Prince Charming tales. Now, Snow's salvation from the poison apple will come from her sister, Rose, who it's said will go on a dangerous quest for the cure with Grumpy and some other dwarves.

Or, to summarize, Disney's Rose Red is going to disappoint everyone by not being a Disney Princesses take on the Stephen King miniseries.

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