Ecto Cooler Officially Returning To Make Insides Neon Again

April 25, 2016


'80s kids, rejoice! You can once again fill the emotional hole inside yourself with fluorescent sugar water endorsed by an overweight dead man's soul.

ecto-cooler.jpgAs was rumored back in November, Coca-Cola is bringing back Ecto Cooler, the Real Ghostbusters-themed Hi-C flavor that a generation regards as nectar of pure nostalgia. The company has announced that, after 15 years off shelves, the first drink to proudly compare itself visually to a slimy residue will again be available to fill lunchboxes and be a mixer for aging dorks on May 30--a cross promotion with the summer release of the new Ghostbusters.

According to the official release, "Hi-C Ecto Cooler will be sold in 10-packs of 6-ounce juice boxes and in 6- and 12-packs of 11.5- oz. aluminum cans. The cans, which will be available in select locations including major online retailers, feature thermal ink printing technology that turns an eerie shade of slime green when chilled." When it becomes the color of unadulterated toxicity, that's how you know it's ready to drink, 25 years after would be socially acceptable!

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