'Edge of Tomorrow' Sequel Moves Forward with Writers Now Signed, Liman Returning [UPDATED]

April 8, 2016


We're now one step closer to watching Tom Cruise die a few hundred more times. According to Deadline, Race screenwriters Joe Shrapnel and Anna Waterhouse have signed on to write the sequel to the high-concept sleeper hit Edge of Tomorrow. Frequent Cruise collaborator Christopher McQuarrie, who wrote the first film, is already taking over the directing reins from Doug Liman. With the alien invaders of Edge of Tomorrow already defeated, this one will just be about Cruise being bummed how he didn't take the opportunity to learn a foreign language.

UPDATE: Christopher McQuarrie has posted a correction to this story on Twitter, saying, "I am NOT directing The sequel to Edge of Tomorrow. Doug Liman is. I will be involved but there's no Edge without Doug."

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