Smile: It's the First Teaser for the Animated 'Batman: The Killing Joke'

April 4, 2016


While the DC Comics cinematic universe has certainly drawn clumsy inspiration from iconic Batman tales, the company's animated film universe continues to be the place to go for more faithful takes that aren't so exhausting to watch. That world has already seen the release of an animated Batman: Year One and The Dark Knight Returns, and this summer, an animated take on Alan Moore's 1988 Joker origin story classic, The Killing Joke. Batman: The Animated Series voice stars Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill have reprised their respective roles as Batman and Joker for this thing, too. This one's for the fans! Particularly the part where Batman now gives a harshly trenchant but spoiler-free critique detailing what he have done differently with Batman v Superman.

Here's the first teaser trailer:

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