Hipstopia: Sci-Fi Dystopia Gets Instagrammed in the 'Equals' Trailer

April 18, 2016


If you ever wanted to see Apple's famous "1984" commercial updated to the aesthetic standards of today's discerning Apple devotee, now you've got it with the trailer for Like Crazy director Drake Doremus's Equals.

The film stars Nicholas Hoult and Kristen Stewart as stoic peons in a stark future where emotion has been eradicated, traded out for a clean architectural design and spartan wardrobe that you have to admit is pretty cool. Even if the uniform is a little "communist baptism."

As it goes for totalitarian sci-fi regimes, though, such detached order cannot be maintained for long. The human heart is a lustful one--particularly in a future with so many sexy mood lights. Even a face as utterly disinterested as Kirsten Stewart's occasionally gives an accidental flirty smirk. And as such, this pair of attractive young proles can't help but fall into an illicit love affair. An illicit love affair that actually seems pretty tame compared to the times one of them made it with a shape-shifting mutant and the other had a vampire's baby.

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