Meet the Political Weiner Behind the Dick Pics in the 'Weiner' Documentary Trailer

April 25, 2016


Going beneath the boxer briefs of a modest dick-pic to reveal the man beneath, Weiner takes a look at shamed politician Anthony Weiner, the former U.S. representative and would-be New York City mayor who threw it all away by sending out some boudoir shots. The unfortunately-named Weiner in 2011 was caught sending a photo of his Hanes-draped erection to a female college student, and in 2013 again found himself in scandal when he was found to be sexting and sending more illicit photos under the pseudonym "Carlos Danger." Such is how he lost a promising career and a really cool username.

This documentary on him has thankfully not faced such hilarious shame. It won the 2015 Sundance Grand Jury Prize and, by most accounts, it's a candid, insightful, and decidedly funny portrait of a man who clearly has some impulse control problems. Here's the trailer:

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