Rise of the Corporate Media Guardians: NBCUniversal To Acquire DreamWorks Animation

April 28, 2016


At last opening up the possibility for a Frasier Meets Shrek special, NBCUniversal has reportedly set up a deal to purchase DreamWorks Animation. The Comcast conglomerate is expected to become even more grossly distended by the end of the year, with NBCU giving $3.8 billion in cash to the makers of Kung Fu Panda for the acquisition. The DreamWorks Animation brand and its associated CGI smirks will remain intact, with CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg becoming chairman of DreamWorks Animation New Media. Chris Meledandri, head of Universal's Illumination Entertainment animation, will "oversee operations." Also, now when Comcast customer service leaves you on hold for an hour, you're going to have to listen to Smash Mouth's "I'm a Believer'" cover the whole time.

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