Viggo Mortensen Somehow Not Elton John in 'Captain Fantastic' Trailer

April 28, 2016


Lord of the Rings star Viggo Mortensen's latest mismatched fellowship? His naïve, hippy, homeschooled children mourning their mother's death! That's the focus of Captain Fantastic, a dramedy from writer-director Matt Ross, best known now as Silicon Valley's extremely hate-able Gavin Belson. Mortensen stars as a husband and father who has been living isolated with his family in the woods of the Pacific Northwest, raising his kids with values that make nearby Portland look like a conservative dystopia. When his wife dies, he's forced out of his self-made paradise and into the real world, where he and his children must learn to adapt and deal with a disapproving grandpa (Frank Langella). Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy, Elton John's ninth studio album, a concept piece that tells the semi-autobiographical story of John and lyrics writer Bernie Taupin's early collaborative career, seems to in no way be involved. Prepare for some angry walk-outs.

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