Watch Michael Keaton Build McDonald's Greasy Empire in 'The Founder' Trailer

April 21, 2016


How did McDonald's grow from a single restaurant to an internationally-recognized symbol of America's wealth of saturated fats? You can thank Ray Kroc for that. Though he didn't create the business itself, he transformed it from a small fast food company to a nationwide health concern; built it nonperishable apple pie brick by brick; ruled over it, a real-life Mayor McCheese whose head was filled with not beef but ambitious man-brain.

In The Founder, Michael Keaton--who knows a thing or two about a publicly-beloved clown hiding a bunch of chemicals in commonly purchased consumables--plays Kroc to tell the story of his ascent from milkshake machine salesman to grease god. Laura Dern, Nick Offerman, John Carroll Lynch, B.J. Novak, Patrick Wilson, and Linda Cardellini co-star, and Saving Mr. Banks's John Lee Hancock directs from a script by The Wrestler's Robert D. Siegel. Here's the first trailer:

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