An Updated I Watch Stuff Is Coming Soon

May 10, 2016


Assuming things don't go horribly wrong, we'll be rolling out a much needed site redesign over the next couple of days. A mobile-friendly design that will finally lift us out of the stone age. Want to read I Watch Stuff on your phone? The new site will make that easier. Want to read I Watch Stuff while making out with beautiful models? The new site 100% won't help with that, but we like the way you think.

This will be our first major redesign in a long time, so we expect to run into some issues. Things will probably look weird and not really work right and just generally be broken. We just wanted to warn you guys ahead of time so when you show up and everything looks completely different you don't instinctively grab your pitchforks and stab them in our eyes. We need those eyes, see? To watch stuff. Get it? Eh? See what I did there? See what I did there? Because...the name...of the site. Oh, nevermind.

TL;DR: A mobile-friendly site redesign is coming. Things will probably break so please be patient with us.

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