Asa Butterfield Is a Born Martian, Not Some Transplant Poseur Like Matt Damon, in 'The Space Between Us' Trailer

May 25, 2016


Forcing Asa Butterfield back into his little blue space jumpsuit, The Space Between Us sees the Ender's Game star playing the first and only native Martian, born after his pregnant astronaut mother began a Mars colonization mission.

Once he's a teenager, he starts talking to Tomorrowland's Britt Robertson online, and as it goes for lonely dorks of his age, he's eventually like, "I would like to take a road trip to meet my internet girlfriend." Unlike your mom who didn't understand how real your love was for KewlGrrl420, Gary Oldman's space program agrees.

There's a problem, though. As Oldman explains, with Butterfield being born on the smaller planet, "His heart can't handle our gravity." But the bigger problem? His Heart can't handle going back, if you catch the fairly heavy-handed idea here.

Watch the trailer below.

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