Colin Firth Boards Russian Sub Movie, Like This Guy Would Ever Climb in a Sub

May 26, 2016


Colin Firth is headed for pretty much the last place you'd expect to see Colin Firth: a sinking Russian submarine. According to Variety, Firth will pretend you'd ever catch him in an effing sub in Danish director Thomas Vinterberg's Kursk. Named after the Oscar-class vessel that you certainly would never get that charming dandy Firth into, the film was written by Saving Private Ryan screenwriter Robert Rodat, and it tells of the real-life 2000 disaster that saw the Kursk--HISTORICAL SPOILER ALERT--lose all of its 118 personnel.

Notably, Firth's role hasn't yet been named, so it's possible he won't actually be aboard the ship. There's still a chance yet for that meaty Captain role, Hugh Grant!

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