Harley Quinn Spin-Off Movie To Feature Likes of Batgirl, Other Bat-Females

May 16, 2016


Like so many internet commenters, executives at Warner Bros. are getting prematurely excited dreaming of an imagined future with Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn.

These schlubs, who Robbie would only ever even talk to if it meant a paycheck, have apparently been having hushed little conversations about what they'd like to see the actress do in that Harley Quinn costume. And according the THR, the main thing these guys are hoping from behind their desks is that they can get Robbie in a Suicide Squad spin-off movie that would see the Joker sidekick with other female villains and heroes.

It's said that the likes of Batgirl and other members of the iconic Birds of Prey super-team are among the names these losers are fantasizing of her fighting or, you know... getting together with.

Robbie is already attached to both star in and produce the film, and it's said that a yet-unknown female writer is already writer the script. First, though, it's expected that a male writer will write, "damn margot robie is hot, you know i would.."

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