'Huntsman: Winter's War' Will Lose Universal a Bunch of Money, if That's Something You Care About

May 6, 2016


Big news if you're someone who's very concerned about Universal's bottom line: that Snow White and the Huntsman sequel the studio for some reason thought would be profitable was not, and Variety's sources estimate they're probably going to lose $30-70 million on that.

Long and short of it, the issue is that making The Huntsman: Winter's War cost a considerable amount of money. There was CGI ice, a wig for Emily Blunt, Thor, etc. It adds up. Mistakenly, Universal thought that human beings would be so excited to see CGI ice, Emily Blunt's wig, Thor, etc. that we would end up covering the costs of those things. But The Huntsman: Winter's War was not a particularly good film, and no one really cared about it in the first place, so we did not pay for it, and now they are paying for it as a birthday present for themselves that they're still sort of hoping they can re-gift to us on DVD and Blu-ray. They shouldn't count on it, though.

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