Inventor of Regal Cinemas' Awesome Film Strip Roller Coaster Dies at 46

May 24, 2016


Animator John McLaughlin, creator of the original Regal Cinemas pre-film theater policy animation, has gone off to that Milk Dud-filled roller coaster in the sky. McLaughlin went on to a long career at DreamWorks Animation, where he worked on the likes of Shark Tale, Over the Hedge, Rise of the Guardians, and the entire Kung Fu Panda series, but according to his obituary (via), that oh-so-familiar before-movie thrill ride remained "one of [his] favorite personal projects."

While, to this day, Regal continues to use the roller coaster device, it's now a new version updated with modern offerings of website info, birthday party rooms, and Cookie Dough Bites. So, in McLaughlin's memory, let's give the (I think) original a final farewell:

May he rest in peace, interrupted by occasional jarring kernel pops.

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