It's Nicolas Cage v Sharks in the 'USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage' Trailer

May 5, 2016


"Groundbreaking"; "Emotional"; "Riveting"; "Gripping"; "Intense"; "Epic"; "Heroic"; "Brilliant"; "Stunning"; "Powerful." Such are the words of praise attributed to absolutely no one at all in the trailer for USS: Indianapolis: Men of Courage, a supposedly gripping, heroic, and brilliant film based on the true story of the titular ship and the 900 or so sailors stranded in shark-infested waters when their vessel was taken out with a Japanese torpedo during World War II. Commanding officer Charles B. McVay III was court-marshaled for the incident, later took his own life, and was only exonerated of the charges sixteen years ago. But, at last, he is being honored with an almost certainly straight-to-video venture starring Tom Sizemore, Thomas Jane, and, as McVay himself, none other than Nicolas Cage, who appears quite annoyed about the sharks invading his personal space.

From Variety, here's that trailer:

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