Kelsey Grammer To Star in New Series That Stupidly Isn't 'Frasier Nights'

May 26, 2016


Gram is back! Assuming you give positive reviews to his impending Amazon pilot and it gets picked up to series. Also, "Gram" in this case is Kelsey Grammer, if that wasn't clear.

Amazon Studios today announced a couple new one-hour pilots they're producing--and, yes, one of them will succeed Boss in giving us a Kelsey Grammer vehicle where he's a dick of a boss.

That one is The Last Tycoon, based on the unfinished final novel of F. Scott Fitzgerald. Grammer would star alongside Magic Mike's Matt Bomer, the latter playing a rising Hollywood mogul of the '30s butting heads with his father figure and superior, the incomparable Kelsey Grammer. Academy Award nominee Billy Ray, who wrote and directed Shattered Glass, will likewise take on those duties for this pilot.

There's also this other pilot that it's difficult to care about because the star of Hank, Back to You, and The Expendables 3 isn't in it. It's The Interestings, an adaptation of Meg Wolitzer's New York Times bestseller, and it reportedly "follows a group of artistic teenagers who meet at summer camp in 1974. As they transition into adulthood over the course of the next few decades, their friendships are tested by tragedy, success, failure and secrecy." Six Feet Under's Lauren Ambrose will star as "an aspiring actress who uses her wit to compensate for what she is lacking in glamour, money and the talent her other friends seem to have in spades." Consistently inconsistent Mike Newell will direct people who aren't even fucking Frasier, so what do we care?

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