Kristen Stewart Gets Haunted (and Does Personal Shopping) in 'Personal Shopper' Trailer

May 18, 2016


After reportedly eliciting both boos and a lengthy standing ovation at Cannes, Olivier Assayas's Personal Shopper now has a trailer to likewise polarize internet viewers between their usual imperceptibly shrugs and faintly approving nods.

Kristen Stewart stars as a girl whose twin brother recently died. Before he died, though, the siblings made an oath that whoever died first would send a sign from the afterlife. So she's bumming around Paris, where he died, trying to find a sign or two, and wouldn't you know it, the faucets keeps turning on in her apartment. Then she starts getting creepy texts from an unknown source. But is it her brother's spirit...? Or is someone just trying to run up her water and texting bills by dollars on the month?

Also, Kristen Stewart is an artist's personal shopper. You wouldn't think it worth mentioning, but it's right there in the title, so it's apparently relevant somehow. Why it is will either make you loudly jeer or stand for several minutes applauding!

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