Large, Elderly Man Proves Affable in Spielberg's New 'The BFG' Trailer

May 16, 2016


Here's the latest trailer for The BFG, Steven Spielberg's adaptation of the Roald Dahl favorite about how we already had all these CG-giant models and overly-idyllic landscapes left over from Jack the Giant Slayer so maybe we could just tweak those for something else, too.

Young newcomer Ruby Barnhill stars alongside a large, animated version of Bridge of Spies' Mark Rylance. The Oscar-winner plays the title role, a gargantuan man who asks specifically to be called "The Big, Friendly Giant." Because this big, friendly giant is sort of a big, presumptuous giant who thinks you get to brazenly assign yourself whatever favorable nickname you want.

Have a look at the trailer below. Also, call me "Regular-Sized Kick-Ass Human" now.

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