Luke, Owen Wilson Making Comedy with Larry Charles, Martin Lawrence

May 10, 2016


Shared-last-name brothers Luke and Owen Wilson are teaming with all-first-name guys Larry Charles and Martin Lawrence for a yet untitled "broad comedy." According to THR, Luke Wilson has written his first film since the little-seen The Wendell Baker Story, and it seems to be sort of a combination of that ex-con-centric film and Blue Streak. Luke will star as a man who gets a wrongful life sentence for a bank robbery thanks to his incompetent lawyer, Owen. In the clink, his cellmate (Lawrence) recommends finding a wife on the outside, which he does but then ends up getting paroled, and he has to live with this strange woman who is his wife now. Frequent Sacha Baron Cohen movie and Curb Your Enthusiasm director Charles will direct. The Wilsons will begin drawling through Luke and Buck Ritchey's sitcom pilot of a script on July 11.

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