Morgan Freeman, Tommy Lee Jones Somehow Never in Movie Together, Finally Will Be

May 11, 2016


Morgan Freeman and Tommy Lee Jones--beloved actors who somehow did not co-star in a '90s thriller with Ashley Judd, or anything else ever, for that matter--are finally going to be in a movie together. As they were, bafflingly, never respectively the U.S. President and a high-ranking general in a political drama nor a disaster blockbuster, Freeman and Jones will for the first time team up on Villa Capri.

Described as sort of a Midnight Run, the action-comedy will reportedly see Freeman as a former mob lawyer who teams with Jones's ex-FBI agent as they overcome their golf course rivalry to stop a hit. In retrospect, Freeman would have been a solid addition to Space Cowboys, and Jones could have easily played Jack Nicholson's part in The Bucket List, and we already would have had this logical union behind us. But we'll have to settle for this, now, a full three years after missing the opportunity to pop Jones into De Niro's role in Last Vegas.

It is not yet clear why we aren't just remaking Grumpy Old Men with these guys.

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