Paul Rudd, Netflix Go Mawkishly Indie with 'Fundamentals of Caring' Trailer

May 31, 2016


Get ready to laugh and cry and pensively gaze and, as ever, appreciate that Paul Rudd is a national affable (naffable?) treasure, because here's the trailer for The Fundamentals of Caring. Based on the similarly-named novel from Jonathan Evison, the film sees Rudd as a man who, separated from his wife, becomes a caregiver to a wheelchair-bound, seemingly borderline OCD teen played by Submarine and Red Oaks star Craig Roberts. This kid is from the UK, and he wants to see all the junky little tourist attractions littering the US's remote highways, hoping perhaps to gain some new self worth by meeting the sad American whose identity is closely tied to owning the largest taxidermic cow corpse. Rudd, being mankind's most likable asset, kindly agrees to this odd couple road trip. An estranged father will be met; a love interest will be found in Selena Gomez; and numerous dramedy beats will be visited on the long road to coming-of-age. Have a look:

The Ruddamentals of Cloying heads straight to Netflix on June 24.

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