'Power Rangers' Planned for Four or Never Mind How About Six-ish Sequels

May 26, 2016


As evidenced by the fact that the Power Rangers television franchise has been stretched across literally 22 series, 849 episodes, and 23 years and counting, it's a series that can easily be kept spoiling long past its expiration date. Don't worry about that happening in its movie universe, though! Because Lionsgate only plans to make five--no, six... alright, let's say seven, for now, of these fucking things.

On Lionsgate's annual analyst and investor conference call, studio CEO Jon Feltheimer reportedly comforted investors with the reveal that, while their in-production Power Rangers movie is of course very great, eight Power Rangers movies would OBVIOUSLY be too many to plan on making at this point.

"We are really really excited about the Power Rangers movie," Feltheimer explained. "We could see doing five or six or seven."

So here's to Lionsgate for knowing how to avoid remake- and sequel-happy Hollywood's tendency for too much. Learn by example, guys. Four or five or six sequels to a remake of a movie based on a quarter-century-old TV show is ENOUGH.

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