Refn-Produced 'Witchfinder General' Remake To Bring Some Good Old Fashioned Torture Back to Screens

May 17, 2016


With Ted Cruz now out of the U.S. Presidential race, Nicolas Winding Refn is stepping in to ensure that we'll yet see the appointment of a new Witchfinder General.

THR reports that the Drive director has signed on to produce a remake of the 1968 British horror classic Witchfinder General.

Released in the United States as The Conqueror Worm, the film saw Vincent Price in the title role as a 17th-century witch hunter that viciously tortured those he suspected of using the black arts. This was long before Vin Diesel would clean up the witch-hunting trade, you have to understand.

Thanks to all that on-screen sadism, the film was heavily censored in the U.K. but also gained a cult following with grindhouse fans and strong-stomached critics. Obviously, it also became a favorite of Refn and people whose pornography collections would fucking appall you.

Here's the trailer:

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