'Rogue One' Facing Reshoots, Presumably for Not Including Enough Star Wars

May 31, 2016


Is Rogue One: A Star Wars Story facing some serious problems in the editing room? Or is an exaggerated story about Star Wars troubles just a good way to get a few clicks on a slow news holiday that was starting to run dry on its dead gorilla fuel? Some questions to consider with Page Six's report that the upcoming Star Wars spin-off is "in crisis," with Disney executives demanding a month of "expensive reshoots" after they were dissatisfied with test screenings.

Of course, many, many big-budget movies are heavily scrutinized by studio higher-ups, and just as frequently, films require additional shooting after production wraps. So who can tell whether this is an ominous portent of the film's quality or just the "anticipated additional shooting and second unit work" that the story also notes was expected? All we can know for certain is that were this story written about pickup shots on Ouija 2 or Boo! A Madea Halloween, no one would give a shit either way. Since this was concerning Star Wars, though, here you are, still reading, and here I am, still writing about a fairly commonplace event in filmmaking. God, we're dorks.

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