'Tetris' Movies Continues Painful Descent into Our Holes

May 17, 2016


It's been about 20 months since we first heard that a Tetris movie was genuinely fucking happening. Perhaps, given the lack of developments since then, you had forgotten, or assumed that maybe someone finally said, "You know... Maybe we should not make a Tetris movie."

Well, it's still genuinely fucking happening.

In an update from THR, it's reported that this movie that is for some reason based on a brick-based puzzle video game will shoot next year. Like an increasing number of big-budget films, it will be a joint Chinese-U.S. venture, with a cast of both Western and Chinese actors making the film more internationally marketable were it not based on Tetris and inherently unmarketable.

As for the "big-budget" part, the movie will cost about $80 million, which only makes sense for an "epic sci-fi thriller" like Tetris is somehow being made into.

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