'The Fast and the Furious' To Return to Theaters as Disappointing Reminder of How Comparatively Boring This Series Used To Be

May 25, 2016


On the very day of its 15th anniversary, The Fast and the Furious is returning to theaters as a sad reminder of when the brand was just a Point Break rip-off that didn't even have a scene where anyone drove a car out the nose of a crashing airplane. Universal has announced that on Wednesday, June 22, their 2001 franchise original will be back on cinema screens in remembrance of how Ludacris and Tyrese weren't even in that one, nobody dragged a massive safe down the street behind their tricked-out ride, and car parachuting certainly wasn't on the table. Advance tickets are already on sale on Fandango for any who wish to needlessly slog through a Fast and Furious movie where The Rock not once struts around firing a minigun from the hip.

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