Universal To Build Robert Ludlum Cinematic Universe Upon The Rock

May 19, 2016


The massive, ridiculously-named library of Robert Ludlum will become a cinematic universe centered around massive, ridiculously-named human The Rock.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Universal is teaming with Dwayne Johnson and screenwriter James Vanderbilt (Johnson's The Rundown and, most recently, Independence Day: Resurgence) to build an interconnected movie world from the late Bourne author's works. The studio will begin with an adaptation of Ludlum's The Janson Directive, which Johnson will star in and Vanderbilt will write from a story conceived by the superbly unremarkable Akiva Goldsman.

It's said Vanderbilt will then move on to himself write some story outlines for two more Ludlum adaptations, but the novels he'll pull have not yet revealed. Among his options: The Osterman Weekend! The Matlock Paper! The Holcroft Covenant! The Parsifal Mosaic! The Aquitaine Progression! The Icarus Agenda! The Scorpio Illusion! The Prometheus Deception! The Tristan Betrayal! The Moscow Vector! And The Ambler Warning! These are all real titles somehow!

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