'80s Video Game Rivalry Again Gets Real with 'Man vs Snake' Trailer

June 6, 2016


Following in the dorky trail of King of Kong, Man vs Snake is another documentary about a man trying to reclaim an '80s arcade record from someone that can't just let this other guy have one thing he can feel good about.

The film tells the story of Tim McVey, who, in 1984, had no idea that 11 years later his name would be synonymous with domestic terrorism. Also in 1984, he became the first person to cross the billion-point mark in Nibbler, a not very popular game that's basically Snake on a Pac-Man board. But now, decades later, his legacy is in question, and not just because his mere mention calls to mind the Oklahoma City bombing.

As it turns out, someone from Italy may have quietly beaten McVey's record years ago. And what's more, there are newer challengers for some reason nibbling at the Nibbler high score--like Canada's Dwayne Richard, a Nibbler contender who looks like he definitely fronts a band that does geeky parody covers of Korn songs.

Who will come out with the top score for this arcade not-really-at-all classic? Well, the Nibbler Wikipedia entry will unceremoniously tell you plainly, but if you want to see the more dramatic version, have a look at Man vs Snake when the film goes on-demand June 24. Here's the trailer:


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